Thinking through this newcomers project

Lauren came over last weekend to get oriented and start thinking through this newcomers project with me. Smarty pants that she is, right away, she posed some crucial questions:

  1. Are the newcomers getting plugged into jobs that already exist?
  2. How do we work with people who work on computers mostly in a way that is interesting, and involves physically embodying or manifesting an idea or experience?
  3. At what point will we tell them they’re working on an art project?

I shared my responses with Lauren… it wasn’t wishy-washy, though it is still hypothetical. Everything will get more real once we are sitting in front of the job candidates. I think I know who I want to hire, but of course it will all depend on the quality of the person, when we are sitting and talking to them.

We made up a bit of a script for how the interviews will go. I’m still searching for one or two questions that will tell us how their curiosity works. It’d be great if we could give them an assignment that they perform on their own for an hour or so.

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