Geeking out, reading some nail-biting history of cultural policy development…

I’m reading about the development of Australian cultural policy – gripping stuff — I mean it. My mind keeps wandering though, going back to this newcomers project… What to do, what to do, how to do, how will it work.

Lauren and I met today to review the job applications and hammer out the interview process. We didn’t get through all the applicants, and we didn’t do more than sketch out some key ideas for the selection process.

The settlement agency wants me to do a little radio interview next week. I’ll have to feel ready. I feel confident, even right now, about working with the newcomers team. I don’t feel ready, however, to explain to anyone what I’m really doing.

Art is circuitous. Art is callous. Art takes its time.

Just as paintings need time to dry, socially-engaged art and conceptual art have their own temporal realities. Beyond a certain point, it just takes as long as it takes. The process can be corrupted, altered, upgraded, streamlined, hurried along — but on some level, it’s still a process.

It’s interesting what constitutes, for different people, a satisfactory answer or a satisfactory way of framing the unknown. The voices that fill our heads.

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