Writing topics

I have resolved to do more synthesis this year, which means more writing. To help get into the practice or rhythm of it, I asked a few friends for suggested writing topics. “Any topic. Blog post or book chapter. Ask me a question, something you’d like to hear me talk about. Whatever comes first to mind.” These were their suggestions, in the order that they came in:

  • “Books”
  • “What things you think we should be hopeful about.”
  • “Theories and strategies for successful anachronistic settings/sets in contemporary opera productions.” [I replied that I thought she is mean. She says she adores me.] “I know there is much written on this but I have never read any of it and would love to hear our thoughts on this.”
  • “Why do people feel nervous? Specifically, how do different cultural and social norms around where to place feelings of nervousness in social interactions affect how people come across and communicate? Or, talk about how the feeling of being an ‘expert’ or ‘well-versed’ and possibly by extension, confidence, assertive, courageous – how this is affected by the context you are in compared to your own personal standards – i.e. How do I know when I’ve read enough papers, talked to enough people, seen enough to present/teach/implement something?”
  • “How an arts perspective is ideal for complex solving / the impact of art on behaviour change / your journey with art x social innovation / what you are seeing change in the art world that may be transferrable to social innovation / complex problem solving space.”


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