What art knows

What art knows is a preoccupation with me – a question I consider often in my research. It sometimes feels like I am on the edge of being able to say something useful on the subject but then the words don’t surrender to the task.

Switching between artistic modes – from conceptual to social / relational to scenographic to seamstressing to other forms of sensemaking – it often becomes evident how different it is to dial into the aesthetics of corset-making versus the aesthetics of copywriting for socially-engaged art versus the art of documentation / image-making, etc.

Art is not one thing. What art knows is multiple and real. I can feel the way my brain and body process information differently. I encounter the world / ideas / directives differently. I am not the same doing A as when I need to F.

The above, some more notes on the subject, for my future reference.



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