Romance and white gauze

I’m stretching white gauze fabric over a canvas frame trying to make a translucent room divider that will double as a place to pin thoughts and images while I work.

Since all the shows and events involving me as designer ended about a week ago I’ve gone from a much more extroverted collaboratory life to a much more interior research-based existence. Reading, planning and preparing to write. I’m cooking more. At night, I take myself on romantic solo walks and bike rides. It’s romantic because I think the kinds of things one would if one were in a romantic mood. Dreamy, desirous, positive, wistful, anticipatory…

I made a personal meme. It’s a photo of myself stretched out, sitting alone, with the words ‘sitting being romantic by myself’ or something like that. I sent it to a friend in explanation that this is more or less all I do with my time.

Sit alone and romanticize my solitude.

This white gauze is a biatch to stretch but when I’m done I think it’ll make a nice addition to my work space.

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