Sometimes it feels good to do something a little extreme

I painted the floor of my studio white. When things don’t seem to be working, changing your environment can help. That’s kind of feng shui meets visual-spatial-experiential designer speaking.

This is a new studio – about 650 square feet – a sublet from a friend who’s out of town indefinitely. I wasn’t specifically going for a ‘gallery’ look. It was just that the floor is old, faded, broken, dodgy vinyl tiling. That look wasn’t working for me. Black floors would make the studio feel smaller. Beige floors would feel like tired old carpeting. Colourful floors would require me repainting all the walls because the walls are already an assortment of colours. And my friend had kind of hesitated when I suggested I might repaint so I felt kind of committed to leaving the principal colours on the walls alone. (I’m still going to repaint a few of the walls; I need more serenity. Plus, I have this image in mind of how the white extends and how different sections of the space interlock.)

Which left me with grey or white. I still felt that grey would be yet another colour in this vibrant space. White was definitely the answer. It would bring out the best in the colours already on the walls. At the same time it would reduce the noisiness and make a great surface for photographing works-in-progress for feedback from directors or collaborators.

So far I’m pretty happy. White floors does mean I am cleaning more often, but that’s actually nice. Cleaning becomes much more of a daily ritual in the studio – an action that prepares the space daily.

Now back to tinkering around with metal and netting.

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